A contemporary theatrical Musical Comedy exploring MALE BREAST CANCER with Laughter and Humor as therapies for health and healing.   The two act stage show features 3 male actors, 2 female actors and 12 original show tunes.

St. Agatha is the patron saint of Catania, Malta and San Marino, municipalities of the Province of Segovia in Spain. She is also the patron saint of breast cancer patients, fire, earthquakes, and eruptions of Mount Etna.
One of the most highly venerated virgin martyrs of Christian antiquity, Agatha was put to death for her determined profession of faith.  Fifteen-year-old Agatha, from a rich and noble family, rejected the amorous advances of the low-born Roman prefect Quintianus, who then persecuted her for her Christian faith and sent her to Aphrodisia, the keeper of a brothel.

The madam found her intractable, Quintianus sent for her, argued, threatened, and finally had her put in prison. Amongst the tortures she underwent was the cutting off of her breasts with pincers. Saint Agatha was then sentenced to be burned at the stake. She died "the year of our Lord two hundred and fifty-three".


Khevin Barnes is a playwright, Composer/Songwriter,Television writer/producer and Male Breast Cancer Survivor.

Stage Musical     “Glorious Losers”, 2013. 
Two Act Musical Comedy with 12 show tunes
Television     Emmy Award-winning writer/producer for
“The Dr. Wilderness Show”   CBS television stations--1997

Music    Published Children’s musical CD writer/producer.   Radio and commercial production.   Music and script writer for the Bellagio Resort, Las Vegas  Nevada.   

Music and script writer for “Standard Oil Company”  animatronic show. Theme song composer : LegoLand / SeaLife show.      


Musician   Keyboards, Synthesizer, 5-string banjo.  35 years of live stage performances in professional musical ensembles.


 “Sons of Saint Agatha” is a mischievous dark comedy, filled with revealing and intimate glimpses into the psychology of living with an “orphan disease”—Male Breast Cancer.  There are as many laughs as there are tears, as the cast grapples with the day to day task of living with the absurdity of a life that hinges on the unknown.  Struggles and giggles intermingle in this journey of a lifetime—bringing five strangers together in an alliance that transcends the anguish of their uncertain future.  Not just for men, “Sons of Saint Agatha” has a positive and inspirational message for anyone enduring a life-threatening disease.

Life is a Circus  (Theme song)

What good is a breast?

What shall I leave behind?

I Believe  ( In You )

First Annual Invitational Male Breast Cancer Convention.

Thirty Thousand Days

One Simple Cell

The Magic of a Dream

A tear is a tender and genderless thing

An orphan alone

You are the one (You've been waiting for)

What if I die?  (Before it’s over)



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​​  ​​​​                     Sons of Saint Agatha                                                 



Spencer Stone is caught in a dream.   

His own.

At this moment he is deeply anesthetized, about to experience sentinel node mastectomy surgery.  If all goes well, he’ll awaken as a

male breast cancer survivor.
But as the procedure begins, Spencer's journey takes an unexpected detour and he finds himself transported to a hotel banquet room in Las Vegas; a registered participant in :  “
The 1st Annual Invitational Male Breast Cancer Convention”.  

The trouble is, this disease affects less than one percent of all breast cancer survivors and there are just three guys in attendance.

And so, the comedy and camaraderie begins.

During the course of the Musical (and Spencer's surgery) we learn that these three men, differing in age as well as the stage and grade of their breast cancers, have very dissimilar approaches to their lives and their disease.  Beneath the comedy and conflict they discover that there is a connection even bigger than cancer that links them together in an unforgettable and extraordinary way.
In addition to the three male actors there are two lead female characters in the show.  Terri, who is the facilitator of the convention 
(and Spencer’s dream) and Cyndie, a guitar playing, experience seeking musician/singer who inadvertently wanders into the convention hall while searching for the “Return of American Folk Music Festival”, also scheduled in the hotel.   

Through the eyes of three survivors of an “orphan disease” and one survivor of a forgotten art form, we learn that they have much more in common than under-attended conferences. Not just for men, “
SONS OF SAINT AGATHA” has a positive and inspirational message for anyone enduring a life-threatening disease.  And anyone who’s not.

SONS OF SAINT AGATHA”, is a story of inspiration and intrigue both humorous and heartfelt, with plot twists as unpredictable as a cancer survivor’s six month check-up. The show explores fear and fantasy, alternative therapies, life and death decisions, the healing power of laughter, afflictions and addictions and the joy in living day by day while diffusing the ticking time-bomb of cancer.


                             CAST OF CHARACTERS

Terri Wiggins

​​In her 40’s, bright and articulate.  She is the “facilitator” of the Cancer Conference.  Sharp wit and poignant humor are her methods of operation, deftly leading the attendees on a journey of discovery in their cancer experience.

Spencer Stone

Mid 30’s, newly diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma male breast cancer (Stage 1  Grade 3).  Fearful and uncertain about his future. Sensitive and honest with his feelings.  Deathly afraid of MRI’s, blood pressure cuffs and needles. Vegetarian and committed to complimentary/alternative therapies including cannabis oil.
Barry (B.C.) Coleman 

​​A 40 year old with a landscaping business, he has been diagnosed with inflammatory male breast cancer (double mastectomy, Stage 2 with some lymph node involvement) He’s angry and outspoken, determined to “kick the hell” out of his disease.  Currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

Virgil Cable

Somewhere in his 70’s--but he’s not telling.  A former circus performer. Owns a used car lot.  He’s a 5 year survivor of metastatic male breast cancer.  (Stage 4, double mastectomy, future unknown)  Relies on humor along with his acerbic views on life and death to cope with stress. Grumpy at times and deeply cynical but determined to maximize whatever quality of life he has left.  

Cyndie Barkley

In her early 30’s.  She arrives by “mistake”, while looking for the “RETURN OF AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC CONVENTION “ taking place in another part of the hotel.  She ends up spending her time with the group and bringing hope and inspiration--along with a very deep secret, and some compelling music.

                                THE SHOW FEATURES 12 MUSICAL NUMBERS !